Sunrise Terrace Apartments
2080 Winchester Road - Memphis, Tennessee 38116

Abington Woods

In October 2007, the Kosen family acquired the single family residence on Abington Woods in Arlington Tn. This is a 2500 square foot, five bedroom three bath with an additional media room, home. Arlington is about twenty minutes from Downtown Memphis. The house was constructed in 2004 and them promptly hit by lightning and badly damaged in 2007.

Obviously, we bought this property as a renovation project in the upscale Arlington neighborhood. When we acquired the property, there was no remaining drywall, the upper story was almost completely destroyed. The demo had been completed by the previous owners’ insurance company.

We completed the property in June of 2008 and the pictures speak for themselves on the work quality and attention to detail in the reconstruction.

As of July 2008, the house is rented on a 3 year lease. We intend to keep the property for cash flow and market appreciation, but we are not above selling it for the right price.